How to install a Torrent Game

torrent game

It is known all over the globe that Torrents are the best place to share files on the internet. You can see any game through any current working site. But installing any game you get from a torrent is not so easy than installing the one you bought from a local or online store.
This is due to they normally come with crack, key generators or even patches. Nevertheless, most of them have a README file that illustrates how to install.

Today, I will list out few tips on how to download and successfully install the file.

Download and install Utorrent client: At this stage, you have to search for the official site of this program. It is normally listed on the first page of when you type it. Just get a good stable copy for your operating system. It will allow you grab the magnetic link of any torrent file, and then download it.

Find the torrent file you need: This is somewhat a hard task since some of these sites no longer appear on search engines. They are known as the best place to get pirated files, so due to this, no page what to link to it to avoid sanction. The only way is to ask friends around your town.
On the site, you need to look out for files that have more seeders. Low ones might have failed downloads or contains an unwanted file.

Download the torrent and open: If you succeed in getting a copy of the torrent file, you just have to open it. When you do so, the client which you installed in the first step will pop up and start searching for the content of the file. After that, it will start download it to a specific folder on your computer or phone.

Download an archive extractor: At this stage, the game must have completed its download. Just go and get WinRar online. Install and then use it to extract the content of the game.

Determine the file format: If the game after extracting is in exe, just install but if it is in ISO, you need to get PowerISO. Use it to mount the file on your computer, then run or install.

Check the game folder for more files: When you must have completed your game installation. It is recommended to check the folder for any crack or patch.

If it is a crack, just copy it into the installation folder of the game. Then restart the game to see if everything works.

I always like to recommend that you take into consideration that if you make any mistake in downloading a game that doesn’t have more seeders; you might install a program that will harm your device. So, the best option is to buy the actual game and have fun safely.

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